Batching Youtube Videos

For a long time I've created my videos in this order; first I would shoot the video which would take nearly 1 hour and after a day I would edit the video and make thumbnail and then upload. Process in total would be 3-6 hours. This could depend on the video length.

One problem with this kind of approach is that you can't always get in the mood of shooting or editing videos. You need to adjust the light, adjust your mood and try to be more energetic. Which is easier said than done. But I've discovered something...

Well its not secret or something like that. Even though I was seeing with my own eyes everyday I didn't notice it until a person pointed that out. In Ali Abdaal's blog I've found the idea of batching videos. Even though many Youtubers that I've been watching were doing this I didn't notice how powerful it is.

Once you sit down and shoot videos, you shoot 4 of them or if you can even more. Once you are in that mood, background, light and every other things are set, why not shoot four videos? There is no reason not do it. It helps you with;

  1. Be more smooth, since you are shooting one video after another.
  2. Focus on your mistakes and eliminate them.
  3. Ease of mind when you don't want to shoot videos.
  4. Focus on your editing or other skills.

The fourth point is important. For a long time my thumbnails were really bad and some of my viewers pointed that out. I actually wanted do it better but after shooting and editing I didn't really have energy to do it. After I've started batching videos, I've noticed that I am actually increasing my editing and thumbnail skills which boosts the quality of the video.

Maybe one more thing before ending this article; should we or could we use this to our other daily stuff? For example if you are a writer, is it a good idea to batch? Or if you are cleaning your house is it a good idea to batch? Seems like it...

What do you think?