Highlight Chat Comments on Youtube Live Stream

Yesterday I was going live for celebrating our 500 subscribers! It was going to be a Q&A session so before I went live I thought maybe I could highlight a chat comment.

There are no practical ways of doing that unfortunately. For Twitch there are some solutions such as https://featured.chat but for Youtube Live it is going to be a bit unpractical.


  1. OBS Studio
  2. StreamYard Account

I assume you have opened a Stream Yard account and connected it to Youtube. We need to schedule a stream. Be sure to do that because in Youtube there is not a "single chat" like Twitch. We are not actually going to stream from StreamYard but we are going to need to use it to create a stream. After creating it you can edit your stream on Youtube Studio.

Upon entering StreamYard studio you are going to see this:


As you can see there is the chat and we can highlight any comment by clicking a chat message.


Now what we need to do is open up OBS and select this browser screen by using our window capture tool. After that we need to crop it.


You can do this by holding ALT key and using your mouse.

After doing this we need to also clear out the background. To do this we need to right click our Window capture and click "filters", there we need to add a color key. Which will be a custom color of #111111


There you go! Now we can show any comment by clicking a comment on StreamYard.


If you'd like to you can add a custom browser dock from "View => Docks => Custom Browser Docks" Then you are able to quickly select a comment within OBS.


This is it! Even though this isn't practical it's not bad either.

Another thing is that sometimes StreamYard captures Youtube chat a bit slower. People say the reason is Youtube Chat API and there are no solutions. Sometimes you are gonna have to wait a bit to highlight a comment.

Hopefully, we'll have some better solutions to highlighting a comment on Youtube. Thanks for reading and I'll see you in another post!