My First Blog Post

Here goes; my first blog post.

I always wanted to open a blog and write the things that I've been learning, watching, listening and reading... But every time I kind of felt like "There are millions of people who are doing this better than me. Why would would I bother?" This is true in a way. There are millions of people sharing content on the internet everyday. So I didn't open a blog, for a long long time.

The reason why I am doing this now is that when I opened a YouTube channel I discovered that even though there are a lot of people who are sharing the content that I am sharing, people still seem to like it. People think it is amazing, even though I've thought "everybody knows this". Slowly we build a community and it felt good. So turns out it doesn't really matter if there are millions and millions of content creators.

First; You are always gonna have an audience the world is big. And secondly; you are going to be unique after creating tons of content. Sure at first you are just another youtuber or blogger but when you do it enough you are going to be unique in a way. Lastly, you are going to change some people's life and it will feel great. Because I am writing, shooting something on the internet and a random person reads and maybe changes their thought or behaviour. Isn't that great?

So here goes, my first blog post. If you always wanted to create content and postponed it I highly recommend you to start. Believe me in the long term it is going to worth it.