Myth of Motivation

We all need motivation, we are taught like that. In a way it is true, we need motivation but why do we struggle to get it so much?

I've finished a book called "The Motivation Myth" written by Jeff Haden. And this book answers the above question. I highly recommend all of you reading the book but I just want to summarize the biggest take of the book for myself. How to get motivated?

We usually think that to start something, we need motivation. To finish something, we need motivation. To be good at something we need motivation. But where does the motivation come from?

When I publish a Youtube video, say where do I get the most motivation from? After comments obviously because people are seeing your work and maybe thanking or saying good stuff. So that motivates me to do another video. But it is after the process... What if I don't have audience yet, what's going to happen?

Say you want to run in a marathon (this example is from the book) when you set a goal, and try to run at first day, you are going to see that you are no near running a marathon. IF you always compare yourself to your goals then you are not going to get motivated. Because to run a marathon you need to practice a lot. But IF you forget your goal, and focus on the process you are not going to compare yourself to your goal.

Instead you are going to compare yourself to yesterday and yesterday you weren't able to run like that. Today you did it!

Setting a goal is important, I am not denying that. But so is forgetting your goal. Setting your goal is important because;

  1. You can draw your road map.

  2. You know exactly where are you going to be after that period of time.

Forgetting your goal is important because;

  1. You are not obsessed with the goal; therefore you don't care about when the goal is going to finish.

  2. You are not comparing yourself to your goal. Instead you are comparing yourself to your past.

For Youtube example, at first months of publishing I didn't focus on the views, or subs. I got 10-15 views everyday and no comments but I didn't stop posting. Now I get 300-600 views everyday and I am obviously more happier but I still try not to compare myself with my goals. Instead I am always thinking how can I make this better.

I have been programming for nearly 5 months now and my goal was initially to work somewhere as a web developer after 1 year. My road map was simple, study programming 4 hours everyday. Sure I got distracted some days but most of the time I did it and now I have this website and a lot projects. I could never imagine creating a website like this 5 months ago, now I did. And I am hella motivated.

I have been playing piano for 7 months and at first I couldn't play C major with my hands. I couldn't play anything with my two hands. Now I can play 5 songs without a mistake.

Looking back is amazing...

Looking forward is awful...

If you also set your goal and then forget your goal. You are going to be happy and successful in the long run. So have fun with the process. I know you'll do once you forget your goal.